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SecuriWay Concierge Security Guards

Well Trained Concierge Security Guards

SecuriWay also takes the responsibility to provide well-dressed and presentable security guards for your concierge security. Reception area builds the very first impression of your business on the visitors. Our well-trained security guards will greet your visitors, record their details in the visitor’s log and guide them with necessary details. SecuriWay security guards deal with your customers courteously and ensure that the visitor will leave the building with a good impression. Along with the reception security duties our security guards will also protect your internal property, guard against vehicle break-ins, unattended parking lots. Having our security guards  present at the front end will make sure that your office building is safe. SecuriWay concierge security guards are smart as they are often the face of your organization and have good communication skills.

High-profile organizations prefer security trained officers on the front desk reception because of increasing incidents. Since they are the first impression of the organization, soft skills like customer handling and telephone etiquette are equally important. Our team of well-groomed presentable concierge security guards makes sure that your clients receive a warm welcome. They are polite and well-behaved, yet strong enough to handle any kind of unforeseen circumstances.

SecuriWay Concierge Security Service

Your premises are safe with the world-class Concierge Security Services offered by SecuriWay Security Company Vancouver. A team of highly trained security guards has a great sense of security with a cheerful smile. We prepare them for big corporate clients.

SecuriWay Security company provides a concierge security services for businesses and commercial premises that encompasses the high security functions of a security officer and a receptionist. Trained to provide a warm and friendly welcome to your visitors and staff, our concierge security guards provide total access control and reduce the possibility of unauthorized visitors, producing detailed records of the activity of vehicles and personnel, the issue and checking of security passes and instilling confidence to visitors and personnel alike.

Our security guards can be engaged in a variety of roles including Reception Staff, Access Control for Customers and Vehicles, CCTV Monitoring, Security Patrol and as a secure presence in lobbies, conference rooms, public areas etc. With office buildings becoming a prime target for computer equipment theft, and vandalism always an ongoing worry, SecuriWay Security company has a solution for your concierge security management that delivers. Whether you want around the clock security or just an added back-up to complement what you already have in place, SecuriWay Security Company will design a concierge security package whatever your requirements are.