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If you are a retail store owner, the chances are that you have had some close experience with retail theft, and you might be in huge need of retail store security. Hence, the following are a few tips about retail theft that you can benefit from.

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Not taking good consideration of a commercial security in Vancouver can cause a lot of issues, and maybe pave the way to the eventual collapse of your business.

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Given the importance of the services provided, it is crucial for a security guard company to maintain an admirable reputation.

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One of the major issues with owning a business today is the lack of trust and liability within employees, customers, and administration.

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A fire watch security guard is personnel hired through a security company and is the first respondent in case of a fire in the location he/she is assigned to.

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Security guards are now considered to be one of the smartest investments a Vancouver property or business owner can make.

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People had little to no idea about how to live through a pandemic until Covid-19 hit hard. The drastic change that crippled the entire world was a shock to everyone.

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Security companies provide a wide array of services in support of a country’s general public and police forces. However, it is a common misconception that their services are limited to the assignment of security guards on demand.

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This is a world in which you can trust no one: precisely one of the reasons why you should secure your home just like you secure your business properties.

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For instances where a customer does not feel the need to employ a static officer, but wishes to ensure a high level of security is maintained we offer mobile patrol services in most towns and cities.


Distribution or Industrial, Plus Security can provide 24 hour manned, mobile and gatehouse security services for a range of industrial premises including factories and warehouses.


We understand that a major factor in success of any event is its management and security. Our highly trained and experienced staff will be committed to ensure everything runs as planned to make any even safe and successful.


A Stop and check Security procedure is to ensure safety at the weakest point of entry into or exiting from your business, the front entrance.


SecuriWay offers a range of professional Building Site Security Solution Services which can be tailor made to suit your all requirements. We are a specialist provider of Security Guard Services throughout the lower main land.


With our broad range of clients and industry experience, we are able to deal with almost every situation that may arise in a way that is both quick and effective.


With a highly trained, fully licensed team of security professionals, SecuriWay can provide you manned guarding security and comprehensive hotel security solutions for safety and security of you clients and customers.


We are dedicated to supplying the very exceptional remote CCTV monitoring services. we spend in the development of renewed things, we make sure to give our best security surveillance.


There are specific events which lead to a requirement of a fire watch systems. Such events can be a malfunction or a complete absence of fire protective equipment or fire related systems.
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