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Expanding our services, we are now operating in Burnaby providing you with excellent security services. We have numerous security services available for you. As a leading security service provider to the Burnaby area, Securiway security agency is determined to provide reliable and professional service and can be named the best security company among all the Burnaby security companies. As a security company, Securiway security gives special attention to many areas including creating strategies in security services, selecting and training the best people as employees, always being prepared to provide protection and more.

Security Guard Services in Burnaby

As one of the best security companies in Burnaby, Securiway Security owns some of the best Burnaby security guards. Included in security services Burnaby, providing reliable security guards for various needs is one of the most prominent jobs of security companies. Securiway Security guards are fully responsible for their work, and they have very respectful profiles. Your Security is the main objective of all the personnel working in our company and both the security guards and patrol services are the key components that bring the Securiway towards this objective. Security guard services and Security patrol can be requested in any situation. The on-call security guard services are one of our featured services which is very rare to find.

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Mobile Patrol Security Guards

With the advancement of technology, security services have also been updated. Securiway Security provides mobile patrol services in Burnaby in order to ensure the overall security of sites, private properties and public places. With the unparalleled service that we provide, Securiway has been named as one of the best mobile patrol security guards providers for Burnaby area. We have a well-trained staff to assure your protection indeed.

Construction Site Security Guard For Burnaby Area

A construction site obviously has a lot of valuable materials and equipment to be protected. Especially, during the night, the security of these construction sites becomes crutially important. Hiring the services from a professional security service provider like us would be a good idea to protect your equipment and materials. Securiway provides the guard services for construction sites for very reasonable prices. With the rise of crimes and construction sites being open, it has become mandatory to pay attention given to the security of these places.

Concierge Security in Burnaby

For VIP requests and also for other requests, Securiway security agency offer concierge security services. People sometimes search for special services from security services Burnaby and concierge security services are providing executive security for particular occasions and people.

Hotel Security Guards in Burnaby

A security guard is mandatory personnel for a hotel. Securiway security services give special attention to hotel security services. The responsibility of a hotel security guard is huge. Guard services include the security of the hotel, the security of all the guests residing and dining, the security of hotel staff and also the stuff of the people. A hotel security guard is responsible for the protection of all these people and things. You can now request many security guards from Securiway Security in order to keep your hotel premises safe. Securiway security guards are highly responsible and energetic. We can supply door supervisors, a security guard for the reception area and mobile patrol guards. Duties like doing routine inspections in and around the hotel are done perfectly by them.

Event Security in Burnaby

It is essential to the success of your event that your Security team not only provides safety, but also conveys the right appearance, etiquette, and demeanour that you want to portray.
It is essential to provide the highest security for your event. Security is a key factor while determining the success of your event. Engaging with the right security company for your event will also enrich your appearance, etiquette and reputation. Securiway offer security for public and private events to ensure the safety of the event, especially for the participants and also the material property of the event. As events are places where usually a big amount of people are present it is important to provide security for them. Similarly, many events showcase valuable assets and these also require safety.

Fire Watch in Burnaby

We are happy to announce to you that we now provide fire watch security service in the Burnaby area. At Securiway security, fire watch services are provided on call and also to be on alert. Unwanted fires can occur because of several reasons and while some of these can be domestic, some can happen in public places. Whether the fire was caused by using inflammable material carelessly or because of a short in the electrical system, most people do not know the proper way of dealing with a fire or they do not have the proper fire fighting equipment. So it is important to have the fire watch services from Securiway security where they engage trained professionals to do the fire watch and ensure safety.

Loss Prevention in Burnaby

Loss prevention services are a well-concentrated security service offered by Securiway security services. So, the professionals from Securiway Security act in order to avert any sort of theft, shopliftings and vandalism that can occur in businesses in Burnaby. They also work in many other ways to prevent people from harming the profits of Burnaby companies.

Security Monitoring in Burnaby

Securiway security provides security monitoring services and CCTV monitoring. We have well-trained employees who would always like to walk an extra mile with your security requirements. Our employees will keep monitoring your premises and detect any unusual activities or threats within a very short period. Special CCTV monitoring services can be provided in special situations. Security monitoring includes collecting and analyzing data in order to detect any dangers or threats.

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