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Security Services Maple Ridge

Securiway Security Company in Surrey, BC has now extended their service range up to Maple Ridge. You can now receive the best security services Maple Ridge of this most renowned security company by Securiway Security Services. We are just one call away since we provide on-call security guard services. Our security guards are highly trained and extremely talented. They have been given thorough training in all the security specialties that meet the industry requirements like fire fighting, weapons, first aid…etc. They are more than ready to face any threat or challenge and are also equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise. The specialty of the security professionals in Securiway Security Company is that they have proven their perfection in every task they are given and also have been able to provide the best services to their clients. They are strongly keen on honesty and integrity and have always been able to provide security and safety to meet client satisfaction. The security services Maple Ridge that Securiway Security Company provides are Security Guards, Mobile Patrol, Construction Site Security Guards, Concierge Security, Loss Prevention, Security Monitoring ( CCTV ), Hotel Security Guards, Event Security and Fire Watch.

Construction Site Security Guards

Construction sites are one of the most attracted targets of thieves. Many people and vehicles go in and out in a day, and there won’t be anyone around at night. Since there is expensive equipment in these sites construction site thieves and other trespassers may get opportunistic ideas too. Although installing high fences, maintaining your equipment and supplies, installing lighting and alarm systems, CCTV cameras can minimize this threat up to some extent, the need for a construction site security guard is important. After all, who will see to it if an alarm goes off? Securiway Construction Security Services Maple Ridge are very responsible and trustworthy. Before commencing their duties, they understand being supervised of their duties to meet the requirements of the site correctly. They even report to the site manager and briefs him when necessary. The site security guards of Securiway Security provided you with the best security by Patrolling, gates checking the perimeter and materials, avoiding any trespassers and taking other necessary measures to make your site to be secured at its best.

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Mobile Patrol Security Service

While reducing vandalism or theft of your property, premises, assets and people, being able to work with peace of mind is important. For this, we Securiway Security Company provides you with professional uniformed patrol security officers to mobile patrol in patrol vehicles for your safety. Our patrol services can be extended to lock and key holding, alarm response, lone worker protection and surveillance equipment monitoring. We also provide 24/7 service and also can adjust according to your needs. We can arrange mobile patrols at agreed intervals or at random times as you wish. We can assure you that Securiway Security Company provides the best service among all security companies in Surrey.

Loss prevention Security Officers

Securiway Security Company also provides security for malls and retail shops. Our loss prevention officers ensure that your retail business is safe. They secure your business from any theft or vandalism which can possibly be done by employees, vendors, delivery personnel and shoplifters. The sight of a uniformed loss prevention officer itself will discourage thieves or vandals. They are well trained and are capable of recognizing any odd behaviours and responding to emergency situations. Securiway loss prevention officers are experts in investigating and protecting assets.

You don’t have to be worried if your retail shop or mall will be robbed anymore. Give that responsibility to us, and we are there to make sure that your business is prevented from any vandalism or theft.

Security Monitoring (CCTV) Service

Your home, business, the family is the most precious things in your life that you gained with a lot of striving and dedication. It’s only natural that you feel the need to protect them. We Securiway Security Company have been protecting many homes, businesses and families all over Surrey for a long time and now we have extended our services to Maple Ridge as well. We make sure your assets are safe by monitoring commercial and Fire intrusion alarm systems, full home automation, access control, doorbell cameras, video surveillance and all sorts of other integrated services. We are at alert 24/7, and we provide monitoring services at affordable prices. If an emergency signal is received, our well-trained professionals take immediate actions to notify you as well as the necessary authorities. Securiway Security Company provides comprehensive solutions for your security needs.

Concierge Security Services Maple Ridge

At times you may feel the need for a receptionist and a security guard for your residence or business; the best option is having a Concierge Security Guard at your front door. Our concierge security guards are highly trained and are capable of responding to any emergencies. They also have customer service skills and communication skills. They ensure the security and safety of residents/ employees and customers. Hiring a Concierge Security Guard is cost-effective too because they do the task of both a security guard and a front desk manager. We, Securiway Security Company are one of the few security companies who offer Concierge Security Guards, and they are one of the most demanding.

Hotel Security Guards

It’s absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of a hotel; it’s staff as well as hotel guests in order to sustain for long. The Hotel Security Guards at the Securiway Security Company makes sure that your hotel premises, employees and the guests are safe. They offer the services of monitoring CCTV, handling emergency situations, handling incidents with guests, being vigilant about the parking area, patrolling the hotel premises both within and outside and also act as even security. Our hotel security guards are also well trained and are capable of ensuring the complete safety of your hotel.

Event Security Guards

Securiway Security Company also provides security service to all kinds of events like corporate events, entertainment programs, concerts, product launches, sports events and more. Our top-notch event security guards are experts in managing the gathering, selecting routes like entrance, exit and alternate, crowd control and media response and they are also in immediate contact with fire stations and medical centers. We provide customized event security solutions for specific needs of you. Securiway Security Company also is equipped with the necessary equipment and most importantly a well-trained staff. Let us ensure the safety of the venue, vehicle, staff, guests as well as other assets and lift that weight off your shoulders.

Fire Watch Security Service Maple Ridge

Installation of fire security alarms, fire extinguishers and sprinklers itself isn’t enough to ensure the safety of your home or business. It would be best if you also had a well-trained fire watch security guard in fire watch duty in case the fire protective equipment malfunctions. We, Securiway Security Company provide both residential and commercial fire watch security services Maple Ridge to protect your home, hospital, workplace and more. We provide services on a 24/7 basis and are in immediate contact with the fire department. Our well-experienced fire watch guards are capable of identifying risks and potential fire hazards and take the necessary precautions to make your place safe. They will make sure that everyone one is safe and provide the additional backup that’s needed until the fire is taken care of.

Security Guard Services Maple Ridge

Securiway Security Company provides you with professional security guards that ensure the safety of your assets. We secure your property, premises, employees, client etc… by patrolling, monitoring surveillance equipment, inspecting buildings and equipment and permitting entry on access points. We can also assure the prevention of loss and damage of property.

Security Services Maple Ridge

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