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As most trusted Security company in Vancouver, we, Securiway security company provide you the best security solutions for your requirements. We are different than other Security companies in Vancouver. You can find all the security solutions for your security problems in one place. Securiway security company Vancouver offers security services for the people and also the properties that we are assign to protect. We pay more attention to clients’ prerequisites. We offer you on call Security guard services Vancouver. If you want to protect you employees and your property, the best choice left for you is Securiway Vancouver security company. Choose Securiway Security company and be confident of your protection with us. Here are some important security services provide by us.

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Vancouver Security Guard Services

Security guards in Securiway security company are reliable, active and dedicated. Our security guards understand the requirements you need and provide you the best protection.  Our security guards maintain the environment in a safe manner. Security guard services in our company offer your expected level of security guard services and patrol services in your site. Securiway security guards are working in day time as well as in night as the same. Our professional security guards always in preparation for prevent any harm or damage. And also Securiway security guards Vancouver response immediately when in an emergency and in a situation where security was threatened. Therefore, if you are looking for security guard services in Vancouver, you are more than welcome to contact Securiway security company.

Mobile Patrol Security Guards in Vancouver

Want to get much benefits for lower price? Then, the option for you is security guard companies in Vancouver. As a licensed security company Vancouver, we offer you the best mobile patrol services. Our mobile patrol services offer safe and secure safeguard towards your properties. You don’t want to fear about your property to be damaged or misplaced or stolen with our protection under mobile patrol service. Moreover, we ensure the public protection via mobile patrol services. Not like the security guards standing in duty, mobile patrol guards tend to move finding suspicious behaviour. So that they can immediately response to emergency. Our mobile security patrol guards is the best to observe your event and keep you secured for any hazards. Please do not hesitate to contact Securiway to get the most professional mobile security guards to cover your event.

Construction Site Security

Security needs, to be concern in a construction site, is different than other ordinary places. Securiway Vancouver security company understands the needs of security in construction sites and have trained Security officers especially for such construction sites.  Our construction security services Vancouver are provided by experienced security guards and they are always alert and ready to response to identified tasks in construction sites. We are ensuring the protection of your materials in sites by providing reliable and professional security guards. Securiway security Vancouver are punctual. So that, you can start working in site with our security guards at any time. You can require security guards for night time too, to be protected in construction site.

Concierge Security Services Vancouver

We offer concierge security services for your own building. As a leading Vancouver security company, Securiway provides reliable security officers for your residential space as well as to your business buildings like hotels, offices etc. Our concierge security guards are able to ensure the Security for personal spaces like private homes. Securiway security officers will be in your front door and will ensure that none of the threats will be enter in to your private spaces.

Vancouver Security Monitoring (CCTV)

Security monitoring through CCTV is most beneficial service. Because one security officer can monitor many CCTV’s and also can monitor huge area by sitting at one place. But one security guard have to consider about uncountable CCTV’s at once. So, this type of security service needs special skilful persons to be in guard. We have identify the requirements in such security monitoring vita CCTV and assigned skilful persons to monitor. If you have huge property or working site using our service will be best choice. We clearly recommend you to use CCTV monitor service for lobbies, IT rooms, car parking, and entrance.

Hotel Security Guards

Hotel is a place where many people (especially tourists) reside at once. Or sometimes Vancouver hotels experience many guests for conferences or other meetings. So that, hotel security is highly concerned matter in Vancouver. In order to give highest concern into hotels, we pay attention to such crowded areas in hotel premises like car parking, grounds, restaurants, lobbies and hallways to guard.

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Loss Prevention Security Guards Vancouver

Securiway security Vancouver is able to prevent your places from theft, any damage or harm. Therefore, we offer special service to loss preventing. We monitor your places to prevent such damages. And they have certain skills which suitable for loss preventing such as detail-oriented, team worker, and strong leadership. According to your requirements, we also able to make prevention plans and policies for your safe. Loss prevention services are given for any places like warehouses, hotels, casinos, and resorts. Our security guards can monitor shoppers in supermarket. We make observation through cameras.

Event Security Guards Vancouver

Our security service offers service to gatherings, special occasions and events like weddings, birthday parties or other personal functions. We ensure that everyone enjoy themselves safely. On you request, we are providing security for your properties and personnel goods. Our security guards observe and reports the activities in such event. And also our security guards are ready for immediate actions in emergency such as fire. Our security guards act according to your request and also able to directive to guests. On your request we are able to provide CCTV monitoring service to events security. We are the best company to provide event security in Vancouver to meet your demands.

Fire Watch Security Guards Vancouver

We hire best skillful fire watch security guards in order to make sure your safety. Our security guards are acting immediately in case of fire. Our security guards able prevent possibilities that can lead to start fire. They are advised to ring the alarm, call emergency numbers (like 911) and attempt to control fire. They are knowledgeable with fire controlling and provided necessary equipment to control fire. We are able to provide you the best fire watch where original fire system was taken out for repairing. And also we are able to monitor the sites where automatic fire systems are not available. We will reduce the probability of fire in such areas.

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Securiway Security Services Vancouver delivers the best security you can find in all of British Columbia. With the special service and assistance our company provides, your property in Vancouver will be completely secured.